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Employing a slew of creative professionals has pushed Access Nova to tackle increasingly unique projects. Our diverse talents bloom throughout each new task, combining both the inventive and strategic components of online marketing. Receive tangible business value from the carefully crafted marketing techniques we employ.

As a fast growing online marketing expert based in Toronto, Canada, Access Nova Group works to satisfy your business's need for a powerful virtual presence. Using our years of experience as a solid backdrop, we incorporate multiple categories of online marketing into our projects, with Social Media Marketing at the forefront. We also support and expand the SEO plan you may already have in place.

To gain the upper hand in business your social media marketing must hook the target audience with fascinating and relevant information. Access Nova takes the specific requirements of your company and develops a detailed attack plan that provides exactly that kind of information. Relish in the results that precise SEO work delivers to you. To pinpoint the specialized services that you may want from both of these categories, read on about web and application development, map user experience, and ecommerce solutions.

We set up our social media marketing strategies with your business in mind. The style and execution of content marketing, campaign management, conversion rate optimization, and social analytics consultancy are all based on the individual project. Also enjoy the unique attention you will get when we specially arrange for your SEO deliverables, which include onsite optimization, paid search campaigns, e-market place assessment, and result based SEO measures.

Each of our custom portals is lead by a handful of experts who take incoming projects and assign the appropriate platform for your online marketing needs. You will discover refreshing ideas that help your business's online presence come to life. For more facts about Access Nova Group, or to pose a question about our coveted work, call or write our help desk.

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Secure the engaging market solution that will allow your business's online presence to soar. With our SEO-friendly infrastructure we develop a functional site for you that promotes your brand name with the use of the hottest keywords. Both you and your customers will comfortably browse the site and navigate various clickables. With User Experience Mapping we gather real-time measurements of customer interaction. We follow these interactions to find out where people go after your site and where they were before. Then we deliver that key information to you so that you know how to target your audience.

Big names require gripping marketing solutions that keep clientele coming back for more. At Access Nova your website is an exciting challenge to tinker with aesthetics that complement your business. Both designers and developers cooperate to build you the site that best expresses your message. With Content Marketing, On-Site Optimization, and E-Marketplace Assessment, we construct a road map that leads to the success you seek. Check out the wireframe that we invent for you before the completed product. The process of Information Architecture is a multi-step adventure that establishes the very structure of online presence.

Application Development

Access your site and make edits to it more easily through the use of mobile applications. Find ways to make e-commerce easier on you by downloading ready-made apps from the Apple or Android store. You can use these IOS or Android apps to follow our work progress no matter where you are when we contact you. With the assistance of a mobile app, you are more likely to stay up to speed on your new site. We can also develop any kind of Mobile App that you need, whether it is for Android or Apple or Windows based devices.

Increase your social media presence with a convenient Facebook Tab & Application. When users can easily share your business on their Facebook account, you suddenly become more relevant. Your brand name travels across the virtual world faster now that people can link to your site more easily. We can even set up your Facebook site, provide the necessary copy, and design an appealing visual on your profile page.

User Experience Mapping

Delivery of a finished product is not the final service we provide to clients. We set up a UX test that takes the viewer through the entire site. You get to see everything that your users will see. This ensures that the site has been set up according to your wishes. Examine the site's wireframe after we have created a blueprint of internal linkage strategy. We also use up to five 'Live Personas' to manually test your site. Once you are happy with the results, we are happy.

Our user experience mapping allows us to gather data about what is relevant to you and your clients. We make sure that your business is present in areas where it is relevant, welcome, and useful.  The purpose of establishing meaningful touchpoints is so you can use them as jumping off points for your own business growth. Once you know where your online audience congregates, you can focus your marketing attentions there.

Quality of interaction with businesses is directly linked to customer return. If you want to ensure that potential customers are experiencing positive interactions with your brand, you can use the information obtained from your experience map to guide your marketing choices.

E-Commerce Solutions

Share your brand name with the Internet at large through a variety of e-commerce solutions. You can choose a website for your advertising and commerce needs and perhaps a blog where you publish your company's beliefs or latest accomplishments. You could even establish a forum where you exchange ideas with clientele. Access Nova Group can also develop a user friendly Facebook Tab or a Mobile Application to make access to your business simpler.

We implement safe and secure online payment options so that you do not have to worry about money transactions going wrong. Have us set up a payment system that is clear and concise, leading the buyer to the check out page without any confusion. With a secure page that protects the financial information of both you and your customers, e-commerce can commence at a faster pace.

Content Marketing

We offer a selection of marketing specialties that you can take advantage of altogether or one at a time. Witness the explosion of interest that is sparked in your business once you have the online presence that you have been working toward. We create content for you based on your target market and the location of the viewer in terms of sale life cycle. Along with Campaign Management, Social Analytics Consultancy, and Conversion Rate Optimization, Content Marketing comprises the rock solid social media campaign that will speak volumes about your business.

Use articles as often as you need to spread your SEO keywords. We write articles by the batch before, during, or after your website development. These articles hit on recent updates and topics that are either directly or indirectly related to you company. Be as picky as you want when you request a quality delivery of articles. We also produce and place your web content, info graphics, and videos. For copywriting jobs other than articles, we enlist the professionalism of our writing team. They create relevant links leading to copy that interests your clients.

Campaign Management

Online marketing comes from the fundamental of measurability. Without an organized compilation of user details, your campaign will fail. Access Nova launches your marketing campaign according to the user information that we access. Online Campaign Planning arranges design, social media efforts, and SEO in a way that is customized for your clients and for your business in particular. Online popularity with your targeted demographic that is measurable enables us to plan even more appropriate marketing pursuits. It also allows you to see that you did indeed get a positive return on your investment with us.

We may establish a plethora of online advertising such as PPC (Pay-Per Click) or SEM (Search Engine Management.) Since we can easily track the amount of clicks, we can deliver a more precise account of your site's popularity. Your overall campaign plan will be set up around your business's needs and desires. We will work with you to develop a game plan that all parties accept.

Social Analytics Consultancy

Rise above the fray of competing companies to measure the behavior of your target market precisely. We calculate your ROI from the data we gather during the measuring process. The appealing content that we develop based on that data allows our ad management team to promote the content specific to your business. Social analytics is at the forefront of our work, enabling your site to attract the right target group from the very outset.

Our experience with social analytics consultancy makes the introduction to social media even better. We insert the practical social metrics that utilize ROI for your site. Ask for our recommendations on various tools we can use for your social media measurements. We will consistently deliver quality results to you when you need them. Share your brand exclusively on Facebook or perhaps Twitter, or you can opt for a combination of social media outlets. Our consultants will help you determine what route may be in your best interests.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We've measured your traffic and lead your viewers to your site. Now we need to collect stats about what viewers do once they get there. With conversion rate optimization we learn ways to make your pages even more efficient. User feedback assists us in identifying these KPIs (Key performance indicators) along with the aesthetic appeal that is most likely to work. Once the traffic is present, conversion rates are used to guide that traffic in the right direction.

We send you your bounce rate, which displays the percentage of users who only view one of your pages before leaving. We also provide you with the exit rate for each individual page, which is the percentage of users who make that page the first and last one they view on your site. We also pay attention to the average time users spend on the site, and the average number of page views it entertains daily.

We also use conversion rate optimization to determine what visual aspects of the web design need alterations. We find out what colors to change and what product prices need to be displayed. Use our information to find out what parts of a finished website are not working, and how we can improve them.

E-Market Place Assessment

Strategy is best laid out with the help of our industry professionals with your specific business in mind. When you purchase E-Marketplace Assessment, you are automatically awarded credit for any services you order later. Begin your strategy with the four points below that are essential to all truly exceptional online marketing.

A)   Keyword Analysis

It is not your burden to come up with the keywords that will work online. We will investigate the effect that various keywords have on your online popularity over a 30-day period. After our experiment we deliver to you your primary , secondary, and long-tail keywords. We will even continue to monitor them in case we discover new trends and wish to make alterations to your keywords.

B) Web Traffic

We will find the dominate keywords in your industry and link them to you. You do not have to guess or assume what words are most relevant to your industry. Rather than engaging in trial and error, allow us to do the job right the first time. We will let you know the percentage of people from particular web audiences make up your client base.

C) Competition Watch

Part of the great game of commerce is keeping an eye out on your competitors. We can do this for you so that you know what businesses, what days, and what times of year you will experience stiff competition. To go even farther, we investigate why this happens and how you can stand up against it. For instance we track the movement of your rivals on their social media fronts. We see if they are doing something that you should be trying. We will even analyze their email marketing strategy and let you know about the attraction of their landing pages.

D) Online Marketing Strategy Proposal

Our Online Marketing Plan enables you to steer your own course through the sea of online marketing. This is appropriate when you already have a fundamental knowledge of the market and how to navigate your way through all of its lagoons. We provide you with the tools you need and allow you to make all the decisions. On the other hand we also offer our personal and direct assistance when you purchase one of our own services.

On Site Optimization

This service is offered to those who have website that is not SEO Friendly. It’s about coding and building their website’s infrastructure (on site); it’s about building the right SEO pyramid and also replace or recreate some of their contents.

Keyword placement effects the way and the quantity of times that your web page appears in natural web listings. The coding of your page such as HTML, meta tags, keyword density, and keyword placement are all ways we can alter your page to make it more relevant to the online community. When you have a site that is currently not SEO friendly, we improve it by coding within your site's infrastructure. We may only have to insert the new keywords into already existing text, or we may create new content from scratch.

Result Based SEO

Take SEO and completely invigorate your online marketing campaign. We handle the job of determining SEO keywords for you so that there is no doubt your result based SEO efforts are functional. You pay only a small setup fee for the service until you receive proof of the campaign's success. This proof will be found at the top of search engine listings when your site appears after you type in the assigned keywords.

Search Engine Optimization will draw traffic to your site by pushing it to the beginning of a long line of Internet listings. When your site is the first or among the first names that pop up when a user enters a particular keyword, your brand names gains in relevance and popularity. We assign keywords and key-phrases to your site that are either main, secondary, or long-tail.  Benefit from our result-based service that is free until you see what we have produced.

Paid Search Campaigns

Among our paid search campaigns you will find PPC, which is Pay Per Click. Select any version of PPC from our services. You can choose flat rate PPC that enables us to figure out the best platform for your banner display. These will be on your site itself or as part of the site description on a search engine. With Google Analytics Consultancy you can gather tons of data that ends up increasing your incoming earnings. Also take advantage of our ROI reports on demand. These provide you with information on how many completed transactions have occurred on your site, as well as how many leads have been generated and how much awareness of your company has improved. The ROI can also include measurements on how much SEO has improved your web presence and how your reputation management is being handled.